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✔ Specialty: Orthopaedics


Pediatric Spine Registry

The Pediatric Spine Registry (PS Registry) is operated by the Pediatric Spine Foundation (PSF) and collects patient data on children with spine and chest wall disorders. Any type of spine and chest wall disorder as ...


Acute Open Reduction Internal Fixation Versus Distal Femur Replacement

This study focuses on individuals who have a distal femur fracture. A distal femur fracture is a condition in which the bone breaks in several pieces above the knee joint, requiring surgery. The purpose of ...


Fractures: Topical Antibiotic Therapy to Reduce Infection

This study focuses on adults (18-80 years old) who have a severe lower leg/ankle fracture that will be treated with a screw and plate procedure. The purpose of the study is to help identify the ...


Free-Hand Versus Distal Targeting Jig-Based for Distal Interlock Screw Placement

This study compares two techniques for the placement of interlocking screws in lower extremity orthopedic nails. With a freehand technique, the surgeon takes a sequence of X-rays before placing a screw to confirm the alignment ...


Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis with a Percussive Therapy Device

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a percussive/massage therapy device (Theragun, CA) to improve pain and restore functional outcomes in acute lateral epicondylitis “tennis elbow.” Participants will undergo physical therapy ...