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Very Small Nuclear Circulating Tumor Cells as a Predictive Marker for Prostate Cancer Progression

This study focuses on individuals have been diagnosed with advanced, metastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer that has progressed despite prior treatment. The purpose of the study is to collect blood, tumor tissue, and bone marrow samples ...

Biobank, GI Motility, Small Intestine

Small Intestinal Sampling Study (REIMAGINE)

This study focuses on patients who are undergoing either an oral double balloon endoscopy procedure or an esophagogastroduodenoscopy procedure as part of their clinical care. The purpose of the study is to understand how microorganisms ...

Anus, Breast, Cervix, Colon, Corpus Uteri, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Kidney, Liver ...

RGX-104 in Advanced Solid Malignancies and Lymphoma

This study focuses on patients with advanced cancer for which further treatment is recommended, but standard (“non-research”) treatment is no longer effective. The study will evaluate RGX-104, an investigational drug that binds to proteins. It ...

Breast cancer

Immune Checkpoint Inhibition with Pembrolizumab + PARP Inhibition With Olaparib in Breast Cancer

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the investigational use of 2 drugs, pembrolizumab and olaparib, on patients with advanced BRCA-mutated or HDR-defect breast cancer that has progressed (worsened) after previous treatment. BRCA1 and ...

Pancreatic Biliary Diseases, Pancreatic Diseases

Prospective Evaluation of Chronic Pancreatitis

The purpose of this study is to gain knowledge about chronic pancreatitis and discover new ways to detect, treat, and help prevent the disease. Chronic pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas is affected by inflammation and ...